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Executive Reviewer | T.S.W. Sharman

Sorry, no dragons and magic wands for me!
My Young Adult (YA) writing focuses on the inner mental lives of the main characters, especially true in The Theory of My Wonders and Ignorance, Risk, Hope. I look to explore “real” people acting in genuine and unexpected ways in difficult situations.
What I’m looking for in a submission is a compelling voice, free of cliche, insistently bursting into my world. Be authentic, be gritty, be bold, don’t be afraid – say what you mean and mean what you say. Building on that, don’t waste my time with dialogue that doesn’t move the story along or with dreary exposition.
Ultimately, I want to see work that will challenge dreary mainstream YA literature.

Author of:
The Theory of My Wonders
Bad Napkin (Kirkus Starred Review, Authonomy Gold Medal winner)
Ignorance, Risk, Hope (collected short stories)
Contributor to Pankhearst Press Heathers and Mermaids

Executive Reviewer | Jeanette Wages

The coming of age story is something we all look back at, whether fondly or to break through our traumas. Before writing became my profession instead of just a hobby, I lived at least nine different lives in three different countries. Those experiences have shaped who I am and how I write. One of those lives, as a life and relationship coach, I love to see how people take what they experience and bring it forward in their lives in a positive way.
When it comes to YA writing, I love to see raw depth. Focuses on mental health and real life traumas, thoughts and growth experiences. Life isn’t all rainbows and Rom-Coms.
I have written and am in the process of publishing I Needed This, a collection of poems and prose about the universal experience, Unpacking It, a story of surviving domestic violence and narcissistic abuse, and Entrepreneurships: Are you ready to go f*cking broke? don’t worry it’s happier than it sounds.
I can be found on IG at @Livelocal.travelfar.

Executive Reviewer | Richard Bradburn

Richard Bradburn is a writer (his comprehensive guide to self-editing, Self-Editing for Self-Publishers, launched in April 2020), journalist (frequent contributor to the Irish Times, as well as local press) and independent professional editor.
He specialises in developmental editing of novels, with a particular love of YA, historical fiction, thrillers, romance and literary fiction.
His global editorial client list includes self-published and traditionally published authors. He also copyedits, proofreads, formats for Kindle, coaches, beta-reads, ghostwrites and makes a fantastic lemon meringue pie.
He’s a Professional Member of the CIEP, Partner member of ALLi, an affiliate editor of, and Approved Supplier to Publaunch, as well as helping moderate the popular writing and editing groups Fiction Writers and Editors and Ask A Book Editor on Facebook. He can be found at
When he’s not editing, he’s trying to finish his second album of contemporary classical piano music released under the Chiaroscuro project name (the first album, Interlude, is available on iTunes, Amazon and all good record stores).

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