600W Submit

This is where you can submit your first 600 words for a constructive critique on the “600W Review” page. Your novel or short story doesn’t need to be complete to submit. And remember, we do not ask for any publishing rights over your work, that stays entirely with you.

Some friendly advice: if you’ve written the next Lord of the Rings and have hundreds of thousands of words written, well we’re not going to serialize it here. And there’s a small risk your commercial prospects are weakened by having it already in the public domain. Better that you write a completely new short story – possibly drawing inspiration from a scene in your mammoth novel – that pull readers and agents to you and your work. If you have a novella (up to 40,000 words) you’d like to see serialized, that’s great, and we’d likely chunk that into 1,500-3,000 word increments (but that may still weaken your commercial prospects).

The net is, if you’ve invested a lot of energy in your manuscript and are looking for an agent, the best way to use Effigy Press is to demonstrate your writing skills with something topically adjacent and shorter.

Good luck and happy writing.

Submit your first 600 words

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