Guiding Principles

  • Work to give more voices an audience. We are an alternative, we are alternative, to mainstream publishing.
  • Encourage paths to publication. Perhaps some day we will be a physical press, but until then we encourage agents and publishers to contact writers on this site – go ahead and drop them a line. As part of this all authors have our committment that we do not take (or assume) any publication rights on work submitted for review, or reviewed, or published in the Effigy Edition.
  • Be supportive and empathetic. There’s no room for undermining or disparaging writers or reviewers; act with good intent and assume good intent in others. Writing isn’t easy, reviewing isn’t easy – and it’s all very personal.
  • Encourage reading. Stay and explore.
  • Connect with nature. We love the reality in the nature of people, of societies, and of the world around us.
  • Contrast. As long as you love it we love it – gritty, noir, SiFi, romance, fantasy.
  • Money. If and when we move to a pay-for-usage model we will share not less than 60% of revenues back to the writers and reviewers (after operating costs.) This may be in the form of a payment for each story published, or each Effigy Edition in which a story is serialized. We are working on how to fairly pay reviewers too, recognizing their huge contribution to the submitting writers.

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